ProfumeriaInglese owns a wonderful story beganin Florence in 1843. Henry Roberts, an English pharmacist, established a pharmacy in the inner city, where prestigious perfumes could be found as well as famous brand liqueur. 


  In 1874 Henry Roberts created a new product that soon became famous all over the world: a talc and boric acid-based powder to use onto the skin, packaged in a green jar: the talcum powder was born.   


  In 1921 Henry Roberts’ enterprise joined another well-known Florentine pharmacy, belonging to Lorenzo Manetti, creating the Manetti&Roberts.  


  In 1974, after a fire into the adjacent warehouses, the pharmacy part was separated from the cosmetic one: these places were called ProfumeriaInglese, which the  Bertelli family still owns in the old town centre of Florence.  


  In 1998 ProfumeriaInglese left the historic location of Via Tornabuoniand moved to the nearby Piazza dell’Olio. On the first floor of this place, the Aesthetic Institute was established, belonging as well to the Bertelli family.  


  In the 2015 the ProfumeriaInglese was established in Via de’ Ginori. Today, apart from the Aestetic Institute, it is organized into four shops located in Florence and Prato: the perfumery part owns the best selection of perfume’s brands from all over the world. Now as then, in 1843.